Suspenders For Men

Add a touch of class and tradition to the more dressed-up options in your wardrobe with suspenders for men. Still the preferred method of holding up trousers by fine clothing stylists, the suspender may have lost popularity to the belt, but it has never gone completely out of style.

Suspenders for men, when fitted properly, are more comfortable than belts because they do not cinch in at the waist. This gives suspenders an advantage when worn at work or during formal occasions. They also provide a leaner silhouette because trousers and dress pants do not bunch up just below the belt, but instead hang nicely around the hips the way they were meant to fit.

Club Room and Alfani are leading designers offering suspenders for men. They often come in colors suitable to match the most common trouser colors, such as navy blue, khaki, white and black, although some designers may create more colorful options. Dress in the classic, dapper manner with solid or striped elastic suspenders that feature metal clip closures. A throwback to more well-dressed days, the right pair of suspenders can be the ideal men’s accessory that will both surprise and impress.

Clasp and clip-on suspenders are easily integrated into any dress outfit. Simply fasten the suspenders to the back of the trousers, put them on, pull the suspenders over the shoulders and fasten them in the front. This method is just as easy, if not more so, than fastening a belt. Styles that feature a clasp will grip to the fabric while other designs feature buttons at the suspender ends that can be attached directly to the pants. Button-on suspenders are particularly useful because there is no risk of damaging the fabric with continuous use, although a well-made clasp suspender will not necessarily cause damage.